We conduct research on digital learning environments and learning analytics. Our aim is to assist all parties in the education field from pupils to decision makers.

Digital learning environment that offers instant feedback to students and in-depth learning analytics for teachers.

The future of any education system lies in learning analytics

Mikko-Jussi Laakso, Oppimisanalytiikan keskus


The Turku Research Institute for Learning Analytics (TRILA) is a research group focused on digital learning technologies. TRILA is part of the University of Turku and its research is mainly concerned with learning analytics and its applications in digital learning platforms, communal learning, and integrating psychometrics into learning technologies. We aim to advance the application of pedagogically sound and diverse learning technologies and analytics.

TRILA develops ViLLE, a digital learning platform that includes content for studying mathematics, programming, Finnish, and English. ViLLE is used widely in Finland with over half of schools having adopted it into their teaching in one way or another. 


Our goal is to improve our society by maximising the quality of teaching and learning.


We aim to:

  • become leading experts in the field of educational technology and learning analytics
  • play a leading role in research of the field.